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Hark a Vagrant
     Kate Beaton of the beaten path history comic. Great drawing and witty dialogue.

     This is a fun, colorful, irreverent great piece of comic. Updates twice a week I believe.

     Another crazy comic, highly recommended. I think this is the writer/colorist from Doctor McNinja.

     My good pal Luke delivers this well polished creative comic about computer parts and decision making.

Dinosaur Comics
     Webcomics Superhero Ryan North makes his jokes here. Remember North is the creator of Ohnorobot and the fantastic Project Wonderful.

Captain John and his robot companion, Asimov, arrive on Mars only to find out they were out of fuel, food, and patience with each other! Marooned is kind of like Gilligan’s Island on Mars. Captain John is constantly trying to find a way home, while dealing with the locals (Martians) and having all sorts of adventures.


Keith and the Girl
     Podcast innovators several good jokes every episode and they do 5 a week.

     A fun Sciency show in the style of This American Life. A lttle overproduced but lots of good info.


The Sound of Young America
The Sound of Young America is a public radio show about things that are awesome. Each week on the show, host Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart," hosts in-depth discussions with personalities from the world of entertainment & the arts. Think of it like Conan O'Brien on public radio, or "Fresh Air," but more fun.

That Sound

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